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Sell Apple iPhone. Trade-in.

Describe your device and find out how much it costs
Memory capacity
Technical condition
Operates well
Has issues
Has the screen been replaced
External condition
As good as new
No signs of use at all, no scratches or abrasions
Mild abrasions or a few surface scratches
Scratches or microscratches on the casing (four tops). Visible scratches on the screen (four tops as well).
Deep or multiple scratches on the casing or display
What do you have? Choose, what you have and add extra to your price
We will pay for your iPhone
Price is relevant for devices with a battery that is not in service mode
* Instant payment
DramDram is a simple way to sell or trade-in your old device. Get an offer in 2 minutes.
Get instant price
Use our online estimation tool and get the best market price in 2 minutes
Prepare your gadget for sale
Our smart-manager comes at any location (office, home, cafe) for free. He checks the condition
Get instant cash
We provide a final price, no bargaining. Just be honest when you calculate online:)
In what cities does DramDram operate?
We offer our full-time service in Dubai, but you can sell your device distantly from any place/town/city of UAE
Where do devices go after a buyout?
We have plenty of business partners who are ready to buy it for their own purposes.
Can I trade my iPhone to MacBook?
You certainly can.
Is it possible to trade several Apple devices in for one, e.g. iPhone 12 Pro Max?
Yes. List all of your old devices. We'll calculate a top up payment or we may owe you an extra payment.
Do you offer new iPhones for sale?
No. We do not supply products. We offer iPhone buyout or trade-in for a new one only.
How to delete all the data from my iPhone?
Our manager will give you brief guidance: back up to iCloud or iTunes.
Do you go for locked iPhones?
Absolutely No.
Do you buy an iPhone with broken Touch ID?
Yes. But the cost due to such defects appears to be considerably lower.
Guidance on how to delete data from an iPhone prior to sale
How It Works
See what your phone is worth online
Give us the details of your device and get the best price 25% than average on the market
Choose your time and location
If you're OK with the price, our specialist will come within 90 minutes
Get paid
Our DramDram expert inspects your device and you pay for it right on the spot
We give
111 AED
💸 💸 💸
If someone uses your link and then sells or trades-in a device, we will give you and this guy extra 111 AED. Invite a friend and send him the link.

How to sell or trade-in your old iPhone for a new one

You can get your price estimation right on the website, it will take you only 2 minutes. Please enter your smartphone's specifications (condition, memory, colour, accessories and battery health). Then choose specs of a new device. We will show you 2 options: the price for the old device or trade-in price. As soon as you confirm online what option you choose, our call center gets in touch with you to check details about time and location. We offer a simple and safe way to sell devices, all while taking the initiative to create a greene planet.

Best way to sell used Iphone in Dubai

DramDram is a perfect place to sell your device for instant cash.

You can sell two or three devices at once and/or cover the full cost of a new one.