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How to delete data from an iPhone before selling

Back up your old iPhone to save all your data
Use the iCloud:
Go to «Settings»
Log in to your Apple ID
Go to iCloud
Select the menu item «Backup»
Click on «Start back up»
You can backup to iCloud by only using Wi-Fi. The backup cannot be 1:1 size-wise in relation to iCloud.
The iCloud storage should be larger than the amount of used memory on the iPhone. For instance, if the iPhone has 50GB of storage, the iCloud should be around 45GB.
If there is not enough storage space, you are offered to buy more iCloud storage space. It's recommended to do this to simplify the data transfer procedure.
Unlink your old iPhone from your Apple ID account:
Go to «Settings»
Go to your Apple ID
Select the menu item «Log out»
Enter your Apple ID password to confirm the step
Delete data from an old iPhone
On your iPhone:
Open «Settings»
Select the section «General»
Open «Reset» menu
Select the menu item «Reset the content and settings» and confirm the step
Your iPhone is reset to factory settings as if you had just purchased it.
If «Find iPhone» is enabled during reset, an Apple ID and password must be entered.
Via iTunes:
Connect your iPhone to your computer
Open iTunes
Go to the device section
Choose the «Restore iPhone» option
Your iPhone will be restored to factory settings.
If you would rather not perform all these steps, our specialist will transfer all the data and get your device ready for sale.
Service cost 150 AED. Set a time limit of 30 minutes.