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How to get your MacBook ready for sale

Copy all the personal data at the appointed hour in a way that is convenient for you
On an external drive
On the cloud
It is important to do this exactly before the specialist arrives. The data transfer process can take between one to five hours. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity for a specialist to wait that long.
If you are having difficulties with the transfer, you can use the service for 2,500 Dirham.
Do not uninstall the system before a specialist arrives (!!!!!)
During the appointment, our specialist will check the device and erase all the data. Next, together with the technician, you will ensure that all data has been erased.
Disable disk encryption in advance
This is a long process, taking up to 3 hours. It is performed by simply clicking 2 buttons. If this feature is not deactivated, the laptop will no longer be able to operate. We cannot buyout devices like these.
Regardless of the OS version installed on your Mac, these simple steps should be followed in sequence:
1. Open the «System settings» menu (e.g.)
2. Then go to Safety and Security (e.g.)
3. In the «Safety and Security» section check out the FileVault status (e.g.)
If there is a status - «Enable FileVault» and «FileVault function of the drive (drive name) is disabled» then no action should be taken, your drive is not encrypted.
If there is a status - «Enable FileVault» and «FileVault function of the drive (drive name) is ensabled» then proceed to item 4
4. In the bottom left-hand corner, click on the lock icon (e.g.)
5. Enter the Macbook password to unlock and press the «Unlock» button (e.g.)
6. Click on the «turn off FileVault» button (e.g.)
7. in the popped up box click on the «Disable encryption» button (e.g.)
All you have to do now is wait for the system to automatically decrypt your drive. This can take between 40 minutes to several hours. Highly important, your computer must be turned on throughout the whole decryption process. You can use any apps, but do not turn off your Mac.
If you don't want to do that, our specialist will transfer all the data and get your device ready for sale
The cost of the service is 150 Dirham. Set a minimum time limit of 1 hour.